Amidst the world's advances in technology, reading has been one of man's greatest advances. From the paintings in Lascaux and Chauvet, to the Cuneiform of the Sumerians, and today's blogs in the cyberspace, man still reads primarily to gain information.  Our history is written in order for the coming generations to have an idea on how we lived in the past and hopefully understand the coming future. Reading has also been a means of entertainment. Before the movie houses there are the books and storytelling sessions in which we develop our imagination and dream of things beyond our physical world. 

     Reading has spark ideas that led to the beautiful, wonderful, and awesome world we live in. Stories of adventures and treasures created legends that lead so many people to go and search the world. Stories of great men inspire the new breed to bring in a world better than the past. Books about scientific discoveries leave behind information for other scientist to continue what has not yet been solved.


Reading has benefited men thus we must continue reading to further our knowledge. Open your mind through books be it in the old style paper or in the new modern e-books in the digital age. 

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