Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

June 6, 2010

Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers focuses on the reason why some group of persons in our society are high achievers.  Tech billionaires, great athletes, and high paying CEO are some of the persons that we all know that are financially successful.

His book explores the roots of these high achievers and how they struggled to be in their present stature. Many of us always wonder why these people are rich, famous and sometimes considered and respected as great. The author looks back at how these group were brought up studying their environment and the influences that led to their success. 


The Book of Proverbs

June 5, 2010
The Book of Proverbs


Once I read that to be wise one should read a chapter of The Book of Proverbs everyday.

The Book of Proverbs is packed with wise advices. It is believed to be made of the wise sayings of King Solomon and other wise men of Israel at that time. It focuses on what a wise man would do and what a fool would do, it is a comparison in a way. I was curious one day so I went back to this part of the Bible and read it.

Some advice are for the youth regarding being a rebel and how should parents discipline their children or else they would be the family's shame. Some advice are for business people mentioning not to be a guarantee for someone else. Some are advice regarding how one should be truthful in giving testimonies. And some are advice on finding a good wife.

These advices are enduring advices that we in the present can apply in our day to day life. Some may be unclear to us due to the difference of our time from the author's time.


Increase your financial I.Q.

April 24, 2010

Increase your Financial I.Q.

The world was revolutionized by Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I never had the chance to get a hold and read his famous book but I eventually got a copy of his book Increase your Financial I.Q.

The book is primarily the continuation of his book. This time around it focuses on why one has to increase its knowledge about finances. Key points he has said in his book is that the value of money has been going down the sink due to the inflation and current government’s regulation and practice of pumping paper money in the economy to keep economy going. This action has consistently devalued money and he terms this pumped paper money as currencies of which the supposed value of it that is of the gold has been miles apart.

Due to this fact knowing things about money and finance is one's edge to battle inflation. Knowing the value of a commodity makes a big difference. He recounts his experience back in WWII when he and a friend risk their lives to buy gold believing that the gold in that war stricken country will be lower only to find out that the seller has an edge over them that is she knows the market value of gold.

Understanding and having a trustworthy partner or adviser are also a must. In these times there are so many called financial advisers who boast of this and that but in reality they themselves are not putting their money in the things they say. In other words they are just sales people selling the company’s stock that pays them. One has to scrutinize and chose well when hiring the services of a financial adviser or broker. It is a relationship in which trust is the main ingredient. I believe no one would like to hand their hard earned money to someone they don’t trust.

Also one key point mentioned in the book is diversification. The term Cashflow was use to mean operating a business. Your business might be in the rental property or operating a small service company. The stock market as they say is sometimes bearish and sometimes bullish. Nobody can perfectly know when things will happen. Risk is one of the factors people are afraid of the stock market. With risk control issues comes and thus one great way where to combat risk and have control is to have a business. 


Naruto Shippuden Manga

April 2, 2010

Naruto Shippuden Manga

I know I know. I am already too old for reading this but trust me if you have started reading this Manga you would be watching the net if the latest episode is available.


Manga is a Japanese word for comics. It has been known that the word Manga specifically means a comic which is originated form Japan. The series Naruto was first made in Manga. A TV series of the same title was made due to its popularity and you bet I was one of the fanatic viewers of this anime series in TV. I only started reading the Manga version because I can’t wait what will happen next on the story. There are some differences though form the Manga with the TV series. Nonetheless both are great to watch and I am always excited to read the next episode.


You might think I can read Nippongo but unluckily I don’t except for some few words I learned like Arigato for thank you, Sayonara for goodbye, Ohaiu or Ohayu(not sure with the spelling) for good morning. Also I learn the way they address people indicating a relationship or level like you call your friend or same level by adding san in their name like Louis san, or ni-chan for girls like Sakura ni-chan, sama for elder like Jiraiya sama, and sensei for a teacher like Iruka sensie or Kakashi sensei, and sempai for a older brother like Itachi sempai.(did I get this words right? If not please tell me or leave comment)


Anyways as for the story, Naruto is divided in two parts: Naruto and Naruto Shippudden.


Naruto is about the younger years of Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto was an orphaned boy of the Hidden Leaf Village Konoha. In Naruto's world which is the Ninja World, each nation has a hidden village where shinobi or ninjas are trained at the very early age. A ninja village trains these shinobis for missions and the nation's protection. Naruto was in away ignored and feared due to the Kyuubi, a very powerful creature that once nearly destroyed Konoha. Every person of the village attends the Academy to become shinobi. It was hard for Naruto to blend in the Academy but somehow manage to fight and face his struggles of wanting to be recognized. His sole dream was one day to become the Hokage, the strongest and the most powerful of all the shinobi of a village at the same time the leader or head of the village. He met his friend Sasuke, also an orphaned boy like Naruto but the difference is everyone seems to like Sasuke even Naruto's crush Sakura.


Sasuke and Naruto may have something in common but they don't go well together one because of Sasuke's attitude and second Naruto's pride. But in the end they kinda bonded in a way when Sasuke acknowledge Naruto. The series though ended when the two parted ways due to Sasuke's wanting to have greater power in order to defeat his brother Itachi, whom he believed betrayed the entire Uchiha clan when Itachi killed all members of the clan except Sasuke.


The second part is Naruto Shippuden. The other part is more serious than the first. This time if one reads it, one will understand more about the Ninja world and the story of Konoha and also of Naruto. Naruto has been under Jiraiya, one of the legendary Sanin. Also on this part most of the characters has grown. Naruto now has become more powerful in order to fulfill his promise bring back Sasuke. The story reveals much of the story that was left untold on the first part and also more of the mystery of Naruto's identity.

I recommend this if you are a fan of comics and cartoons. It is quite different though because the content of the Manga are mainly fight scenes. I read the latest episode from Onemanga.com but there are some others sources. I have also made a blog post and still currently adding material to share about the story and the beauty of the Ninja world of Naruto. You can leave a comment or add up to this post so that we can share our fascination with the Shinobi world. To check out my blog about Naruto click here.



The Secret

March 23, 2010

The very first audio book I got is The Secret by
Rhonda Byrne. I came to know about it first through an email with an attachment with the same title. When I played the video it was interesting and it was something that one would like to know, the title itself is powerful due to the mystery it carries. Many skeptics criticize it saying that it is propagating a new thought wave cult. Many also are saying that things that the The secret is teaching are just coincidental and some of the statements that say is proven or in accordance to science are false or are made to look like or be like in accordance to that fundamentals of science.

There are so many speakers and great thinkers participated or gave their thoughts about The Secret. The likes of
Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor are part of the contributors to this audio book. So if you haven't read the book or seen the DVD, what then is the Secret? The Secret as is shown in the DVD is believed to be as old as time and the great people of history has been practicing it and some have hidden such to the most of the people thus it has been keep as a secret. Rhonda Byrne says that she discovered The Secret when her duagther  gave her a 200 year old book. From there she learned and applied it and it has brought happiness to her life and thus also wanted to share The Secret to all.

If you are in the Philippines and have read most of
Bo Sanchez's book especially "8 Secrets of the Truly Rich" then I believed that you have read and understand much of "The Secret." Again you will ask me, what is The Secret then. The Secret is called the " Law of Attraction" which in simple words "we attract like thoughts." The law explains that our thoughts are very powerful. Our thoughts can create reality. That alone is so powerful that what we think of and what we put in our thoughts are manifested and we experience it . At the same time what we think of also attracts that reality thus if one focuses on a particular thought it will gravitate to you and will manifest and become reality. So when we think of bad things it will come to you and if you think of good things it will come to you.

Since our thoughts are that powerful we have the power to chose what our lives should be by thinking and focusing on the best things in life. And when we keep our focus on the best things our surroundings or the universe will provide what you have been thinking and focusing on. Imagine that if you are thinking of bad things the whole universe will give you a universe of bad things or even a series of unfortunate events. With this law of attraction comes other laws that are in place since the beginning of time. In order for one to truly understand this is truly to be master of one's thoughts. And God has given that to us, we have free will. That is why in the Bible it is said that we can ask God either a blessing or a curse....we can ask Him and if you really look deep into your life with all that bad things that happen or misfortunes or hate and pain we all ask for it because we never chose the other way, we never truly ask Him blessings because we think we are not worthy of those blessings.

The Secret has many lessons or topics to expound the Law of Attraction but one must start with the process. The process has three steps:ASK, BELIEVE, and RECEIVED. Sounds familiar right? But so many of us has been doing this and how come many hasn't received any of what they have ask yet? If you wanna know the answer to that I suggest that you read The Secret yourself. As I have mentioned it The Secret explain the power of our thoughts and that what we think of manifest into reality. If you have read and understand The Secret you will feel its effect on your views and it will direct you to a new path. If you have gone to that level I wish you share it to this blog post by leaving a comment. Share your thoughts and it will attract like thoughts and it will become reality.(To leave comments please click on the smaller title of this post above)   

What Is The Secret

Sherlock Holmes

March 20, 2010
Sherlock Holmes

"It's elementary Watson!"

These are his famous words. Sherlock Holmes is the fictional character  created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is a well known detective and his services are employed by Scotland Yard. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote 4 novels and 46 short stories of Sherlock Holmes which was serialized and become famous.

The very first book I read about Sherlock Holmes was a hardbound book I found in the cabinets of our rented room during my first year in college. We had no tv at that time and I notice the piles of books in the cabinet so I started to look at them and eventually pick up this thick hardbound book. I started reading it and I was fascinated at the language of the book. It was English yet it was in the British English tone. The story depicts the background of the 19th century England. Holmes uses what he calls " The science of deduction." He basically looks at the scene or evidence, figure out how each evidence is connected and then narrows down possibilities. From there he needs some kind of verification and once he finds it he has not only solved the case but also what happened as if he was in that place or situation the very moment it happened.

He is accompanied by his Boswell, Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson is always fascinated even if he has seen first hand how Holmes solved each case. Watson and Holmes came together when they ended up sharing rent of a unit at 221B Baker Street. The very first novel, Study in Scarlet, is about how Holmes and Watson came to know each other and how Watson first seen Holmes in action. Holmes solves the mystery of the murder of Drebber in Brixton at the same time described the murderer. The Scotland yard boys, Lestrade and Gregson,  though has a different theory but in the end Holmes catches the murderer by drawing him to come to his apartment and hand cuffing him right in the face of Lestrade and Gregson. From there Jefferson Hope confessed, the murderer, and Dr. Watson tells the story of Jefferson and how he came to murder Drebber.

Today, the detective style character like that of Holmes is made famous with "Monk" and "House,MD." These two tv series uses Holmes deductive process and in the end solves the mystery and mystifys everyone by telling how it all happen. Also the manga and anime "Detective Conan" is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.

It is addicting. I never finished reading that thick hardbound book so when we move to an apartment closer to my college I made sure to buy the other books about Sherlock Holmes. I got my sister hook up to reading Sherlock Holmes and always comment that Holmes is a genius. It excites you reading it and sometimes makes your mind think how will he solve the case. I don't remember most of it already but I know the story of Sherlock Holmes. And I recommend it to you. If you want to change the genre of the books you are reading, Sherlock Holmes will be a great one.

Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul

March 19, 2010


I remember that it was the very first book that I bought, or so. It was back then a must read book. It was during my early college years that wanted to read something and so I went to National Bookstore and grab a copy of the book. Unfortunately back then I didn't know that know that there are many versions of the book, what I got is the one for the kid's soul.

The book is a compilation of contributor's inspiring stories the one I read is particularly of kids. The book has section as well covering the various aspect of a young one's life. Some of the stories are from adults relating their early childhood and what those have contributed to their current state. Some stories are stories of struggle about their physical disability and how they cope up with it. Some stories of experience that they will never forget and some others lessons in life that molded there very being.

My sister and I took turns in reading it and then we share one story and sometimes discuss about how wonderful was the story. Being at the age and reading a story from a younger one is inspirational. It makes you think that even though kids seem too innocent in reality they have something to say about life. Also from this book I found out how Jack Canfield and his team were rejected several times for the very first book they compiled and edited. To date the Chicken Soup for the Soul has best one of the best seller.

Audiobooks what is your take on it?

March 13, 2010

Audiobooks what is your take on it?


Again I will re-iterate that technology has great advances. One of these advances is audiobooks. Basically audiobooks are pre-recorded book reading which are in the media formats like mp3, wav, and the likes. If you will look into it there is no actual reading right? You are actually listening to the voice of the reader rather than you reading the book itself.


But on the contrary, audiobooks has been one big help in this fast-pace times. Because of it we can do multitasking activities. One benefit of it is that you can listen to your book while on transit or in a public place. We use our eyes to read and when we are in a public transit, let say the bus or train, our focus on what we are reading are divided between the words we are reading and the environment around. By tapping to our hearing sense our attention is not that divided since our ears are listening and our eyes are viewing, two separate activities. It enables us to make well use of our time.


Hearing words are also great way of remembering. It enables one to visualize thus interpreting the book base on what one is hearing rather than seeing. Lately I bought the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne in audiobook form. I have only listened to the introduction and I was planning to transfer the CD to my phone so that I can listen to it during my 15 minute drive to work. I will post my review of the book when I complete listening to it.

Audiobooks are available in the internet. One service, Audible.com, has a vast collection of books, magazines, newspaper, and a lot more. For free audiobooks you can check LibriVox and Books Should Free. You can download the audiobook from these sites and save them in your computer, mp3 player or iPod and listen to them.


In any other way, be it reading or listening, books can be enjoyed even in our busiest time. We have the means to do read it so why not make the most of it. How about you do you think listening to audiobooks is a great way of reading?

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